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Looking After Your Team

Look after your people in order to be a workplace to remember.  Your clients and team will thank you.  A recurring issue with other wellbeing offers is that people forget it exists or that they don’t need it.  So we do weekly events and summaries straight to people’s inbox.

We offer trackable evidence of useage, idea for B Corps or aspiring B Corps.

Increased Efficiency

Well staff work better





Evidence of use can be provided whilst maintaining confidentiality

Ideal for B Corps

What We Offer

We believe that everyone should have access to free wellbeing support.  Where they can offload, learn tools to use or explore how to live more sustainably.

How you feel and how you see the world are fundamental to happiness and fulfilment.  As an employer healthy, happy people will drive your business to even greater success.


All content is delivered online  in a mix of video, text or audio

Memorable and useable content

Regular new content


Weekly wellbeing support video calls

Free course library

Online community

Weekly digest email reminder

Optional therapy and wellbeing resources


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