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Stand out from the crowd

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Hello, I am Helen, the founder of Elemental Tribe.  I was used to only being a piece of me, of trying to fit in by moulding myself to fit.  It was tiring, I just wanted to be liked, to fit in.  Then one day I stopped trying to be the person that I thought others wanted me to be and was just myself.  What a relief, I could relax.

Once I worked out that what other people think of me is none of my business life has been so much easier.  I now feel all my emotions, no more hiding sadness or fear with anger.  No more curbing my liking for tigger bounces in case I was too much.

I’ve learnt many things through direct experience.  Others I have learnt on therapy or coaching courses.  The over riding learning has been that we are connected.  Connected to nature, connected to our bodies.  By tapping into that we can think, feel and be happier and more comfortable.

How we feel is important.  Numbing out is a defense mechanism.  Far better to take control.  Our feelings and emotions have an effect on our mental and physical health so best work with them.  I can show you how to do this using some really simple techniques.

Rather than tell you how to do it, I offer courses to inspire you.  1-2-1’s to help you on your path and hold a safe space in this website for you to discuss or share anything you wish.

Feel at home with your tribe

All odd bods, outspoken people, those with differences (haven’t we all!) and regardless of whatever choices you have made are welcome here.

What is the idea of this site?

The modern world is fast paced, information comes at you 24/7, often highly dramatised and focused on the negative.  Your stress levels are high and you know you need to find ways to manage your stress but how?  Developing resilience is one of the best ways to manage your stress.

I have good news, you don’t need a therapist or any fancy kit to learn and build it.  Many of the techniques are surprisingly simple yet highly effective. In fact these courses work along side many other therapeutic interventions.  So much so that we also write courses for coaches and therapists and offer affiliate commissions to our courses.

What does resilience mean

Resilience is the ability to withstand pressure, whether that pressure comes from many small things or one or two big things.  You will be able to separate yourself from the challenges that surround you.  Find headspace to make the right decisions and manage your time in the most efficient manner.

You are not broken

You are reacting to a stressful world.  You are unique, what stresses you may not stress me and vice versa.  Sometimes its a build up of many tiny things.  Often stress feels like 1/10 then a day later its on 9/10 for you with nothing major happening in your life in the interim.  That’s normal.

What we offer

We offer bite sized courses that you can fit in to your busy life.  This way you can pick and choose what is most useful for you right now and be confident you can finish it.

We also offer seasonal (three months long) mentorship programmes on both a group and a 1-2-1 basis.  These are ideal if you need a helping hand to focus or to unravel your particular challenges.

Courses and paid programmes live here

We also have a community where there are posts – kind of like Facebook, events – mostly free and some free tools and masterclasses. Click here to reach it

What happens if we do nothing?

If nothing is done people will become more and more stressed, mental and physical illness will increase.  We will be less and less able to enjoy ourselves freely.  On a societal level the impetus is toward living and working online almost entirely, amongst the metaverse.  I don’t know about you but that isn’t what I call living.  Life is about experience, learning and connection to others.

How can I make a difference?

You might be thinking that you cannot make a difference, perhaps because you feel that you are too old or you are too broken.  Maybe even that it will be too difficult.  You can do it.  All that you need is a little faith.  Changing how you feel and react can (and often does) transform your life.    It doesn’t have to be hard and almost anything is better than how you currently feel right?

There are free group Zoom calls to help you.  You can be camera off and use a different name if you wish.  You are welcome to maintain your privacy, you can also stay in the shadows observing, there is no pressure to be an active part of Elemental Tribe until you are ready to do so.   Your story could make a difference to others though so we would love to hear from you.

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